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About This Game The Lighthouse is a uniquely crafted thriller with glimpses into psychotic, alternate dimensions. Private Investigator James Irvine finds himself lured into a haunting, neo-noir world in search of a missing young woman, named Lily Beaumont. Traverse the abandoned property of Maine’s wealthiest family, the Wescotts, as you search for the truth.GameplayThe Lighthouse is a first person thriller.Your objective is to find Lily Beaumont by overcoming environmental obstacles and puzzles while also avoiding a dangerous presence following you. Use the light from The Lighthouse, along with your flashlight, to guide your way.EnvironmentsExplore through multiple environments with environmental specific puzzles and obstacles. While building the project, we knew that we wanted The Lighthouse's environments to be unique and memorable. We also wanted to make sure puzzles and obstacles were tangible and seemed grounded in the 1960’s, when technology wasn't as accessible as it is today.The StoryThe Lighthouse takes place on February 19, 1964. You play as James Irvine, a former detective turned private investigator in the state of Maine. Irvine is a man who solves the problems that the city doesn't have the inclination to follow-up on, little less solve. Many of the lucrative cases that come to his office are from locals with various requests, from spouses looking to expose infidelity in their relationships to business owners looking to gather enough evidence to incriminate their partners.February 19, 1964 is an important anniversary for Pt. Irvine as it’s the day he lost his first born, Lily, to cancer 7 years prior. Every year he visits her, placing a yellow lily and lit candle on her gravestone before watching it burn until extinguished. This tradition had never been broken - until today. As he packs to leave his office, candle in hand, he notices a letter slide under his door, the envelope marked: ‘Irvine.’He opens it and reads:Mr. Irvine,My daughter hasn't come home for 2 years, 4 months and 9 days. You see, she's missing. She was involved in the old lighthouse incident, you may remember her name - Lily. I've asked the local authorities to look for her, but they haven't got a clue. They tell me horrible things that no parent should hear. They tell me to accept that she may have died. Worst, they tell me they can't help. I can't sleep until I know where she is, if she's safe, if she's scared, and if she's trying to come home but can't find home. Help me find her. Look for her at the Lighthouse, as that was her last known location.-Elizabeth Beaumont Inside the envelope he finds an address and a single, yellow lily. 1075eedd30 Title: The LighthouseGenre: Adventure, IndieDeveloper:Shadow Knights StudioPublisher:Shadow Knights StudioFranchise:The LighthouseRelease Date: Coming Soon The Lighthouse Keygen Download Pc the lighthouse universal medicine. the lighthouse ely. to the lighthouse 1983 download. the lighthouse guesthouse. the witcher 3 lighthouse keeper. the lighthouse uclh. to the lighthouse torrent. the lighthouse vietnam. the lighthouse dee why. the lighthouse wellington. the lighthouse 62 rivington street. lighthouse windows 10 wallpaper. to the lighthouse full text download. the lighthouse vallejo. the lighthouse glasgow free. to the lighthouse audio free. the lighthouse project. to the lighthouse free book. the lighthouse pc download. the lighthouse ulverstone. letters from the lighthouse download. the lighthouse arabia. the lighthouse joanne harris. the lighthouse diner. the lighthouse left 4 dead. the lighthouse 100. the lighthouse between the worlds. the lighthouse virginia woolf. the lighthouse free music. the lighthouse umhlanga. the lighthouse villages. the great lighthouse civ 5. the lighthouse emotional wellness center. the lighthouse robert eggers. the lighthouse piano sheet music free. the lighthouse early childhood center. to the lighthouse full movie by virginia woolf. the lighthouse beach key biscayne. the lighthouse keeper's wife. the lighthouse denton. the lighthouse new brighton. the lighthouse route 8 butler pa. the lighthouse wicklow. the lighthouse inn rockport tx. the lighthouse key biscayne. the lighthouse family free lyrics. the lighthouse villas tortola. mac 3 - the lighthouse. live at the lighthouse '66. to the lighthouse nicole kidman download. the lighthouse movie 2009. the lighthouse 1998. be_the_lighthouse_786. the lighthouse key west. escape the lighthouse cheats. the lighthouse gta 5. the children's lighthouse 76244. the lighthouse girl answer key. the macquarie lighthouse. the lighthouse free music. the lighthouse des moines. the lighthouse mp3 download. the lighthouse spa. the lighthouse 1947. the lighthouse film review. what is the lighthouse on windows 7. the lighthouse program. the 3 lighthouse keepers. the man in the lighthouse (2007) full movie. save the lighthouse 5k. the witcher 3 lighthouse griffin gear. the lighthouse us release date. the lighthouse under armour. the lighthouse hunstanton. the lighthouse tel aviv. the lighthouse in economics. the lighthouse between oceans full movie. the lighthouse pc game. the lighthouse kibworth. lord of the lost lighthouse rock version. the lighthouse diner. the man in the lighthouse full. the lighthouse utila honduras. the lighthouse ba11 5bw. above and beyond sink the lighthouse mp3 download. the lighthouse girl answer key. to the lighthouse free audiobook. the lighthouse wolverhampton. to the lighthouse summary pdf download. the lighthouse cuba. the lighthouse uk release. the lighthouse ely. the lighthouse for the blind. the lighthouse kings cross. the lighthouse vredenburg. the lighthouse museum key west. the lighthouse tel aviv. the lighthouse key resort. to the lighthouse movie free download. the lighthouse hymn Early Access [2018, 8 September]: Hi,Them & Us is going to be available as an Early Access release on September 8, 2018, you can now send your feedback and work with us to achieve a polished and immersive game experience."Early Access current game build status""Partial controller support?"Unfortunately we cannot set the game as a full controller support since for "one time only" an Epic Games EULA message appears on launch that can only be bypass by mouse and keyboard. The game works perfectly 100% with a controller from start to exit. Best Regards,TendoGames. Update 0.3.0 - available soon: News Update, March 31, 2019Hi guys, sorry for the delay. We will have to postpone the 0.3.0 update for a few days until one of our artist will finish with the opening video. Meanwhile in this time we are going to keep adding, fixing and polishing things up. Again we are very sorry. As an update coming from the artist, April 10, Wednesday he is going to finish. Once finished we will send this work to our sound artist to make the sound for it.As a good news, this update will be big. It will contain more than 2 to 3 hours of gameplay. You can experience both, over the shoulder and fixed cameras with alternate control and tank control, and something more extra. There is as well many puzzles to solve in this upcoming update. Thank you for your time of reading this!Progress can now be tracked on our website: STEAM community,Thank you all for your patience of giving us more time working on the main game. We have worked really hard the past 3 months. Update 0.3.0 is coming at the end of March 2019. It will include the opening and the beginning of the journey for Alicia, a totally new inventory, tank control, new locations, new music, voice talent, as well as old school fans fixed/dynamic cameras.(Screenshots updated on steam store page, update not yet available). We are always open to your feedback and suggestion, by including this new fixed camera mode we want to see how many people are still into it in 2019, to see if is worth it for us to continue developing it. Please note that many aspects of the game such as puzzles and objectives, enemy spawn may change once we finish with the other sections of the maps. For now you can only experience these updates changes while the game is in early access.As a last note on this news we want to mention that we are not a big studio. We are actually 2 people working on the main game while some other talented artists help us with assets creations only. Thank you for reading. We hope you will be with us in every step of our development process. . Update v.0.2.0: Update v. 0.2.0Special Event - HalloweenBuckle up and enjoy the ride. On October 30 we are driving you into a fantasy world. By this Halloween you are going to experience one of Alicia`s nightmares where witches cooking at night and ghosts watching you from above. We hope you are going to enjoy this special event the team prepared for you. Happy Halloween!NOTES:1. We encountered a few people that runs the game at slow FPS or game freezes even if they meet the game requirements. - Please update your video game drivers. -2. The game is not finished, all updates will come as 0.X.X and not 1.X.X until we finish with all the levels, characters etc. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Other Changes:Now player can heal by holding R1 or H key press while outside inventory. You can also heal from inside inventory without playing any animation like old school games. So you have both version to choose from.We improved all zombies, now they die and stay dead, without jumping. Watch out maybe they playing dead and wakes up later!?All zombies now drops a pool of blood when are dead, like crows.Improved a bit more the main menu interface displaying animated messages.We added Achievements We added Leaderboards. Press (L) key while in Main Menu (GUI design is only basic)New extra game for this Halloween where you play as a Witch now available. We added also a new weapon for this mod only, and a completely new outfit.The team now is focusing the attention towards the main game story!. Update v.0.1.0 & Announcement: Hi, in this update we added almost everything that was requested by the community.1. New interface graphics2. Added support for inverse Y mouse 3. Now you can change mouse sensitivity 4. We added FOV setup setting. Now you can see player from close or far while in-game (screenshot attached).5. You can now crouch/sneak (just basic system, for now)6. Updated some of the animations.7. We integrated a new extra game that will be available to play in the next update.8. We removed the shut down option by using controller, instead we added it in option as none default option, you can enable if you want or not to use it. Once enabled if you try to exit the game the option will be available. This option is there for people that play with controller and are far away from PC.9. We integrated focus/unfocused HUD target. Since the protagonist is inexperienced we left the focus taking more time. Later after the protagonist becomes more experienced the focus will take less time.[November 14, 2018] - We are working on the Main Game.Announcement: Extra game first - story afterSince we don’t want to lock many of the game feature aspects from the story, like locations unavailable, weapons etc. We decided to create at first some !extra game content! where you can experience some of Alicia’s dreams (lived from within Asylum). There are going to be a few of these dreams such as:- The Awakening of the Reaper- Once I was hunted, now, I am the hunter.- Raid ModeIn one of these extra game ( point 2) we want to make our protagonist an experienced fighter as well (opposite what Alicia in story is) so we can introduce new weapons such as double barrel shotgun, and a whole new look for our heroine that we just made. Please remember this “heroine” will only be available in the extra content game, will not affect the story. Along your journey you will earn experience and coins from killing [them] as well as more special wanted creatures. You will have to upgrade your weapons and buy new skills before you can face the last boss. Dying will be a big penalty. Why do this extra game first? In this time while we work on this extra game we can focus more on all gameplay elements that we want to include in the actual story such as upgrade system, new weapons, enemy, maps assets and so on, without locking weapons to use or levels to explore. We will actually work on the main game production while doing this extra game, but also deliver you guys better updates instead of waiting for each chapter to be finished! If you will like us to work on the story instead, updates will take a lot more time and you may get bored or impatient waiting for next chapter. What will happen with the main story campaign production? Nothing, we are still working on it, just that we will postpone it for a bit until we will have many of the gameplay elements ready by finishing with this mod.Is this an additional game or just an extension?Is going to be just an extra content game that you can choose if you want to play or not.. Early Access - Update 0.0.1: For now you can only play Chapter 4 of Alicia's story.We are going to update as fast as we can with new contents.Thank you for understanding and for reading! If you have a good video card but low FPS, please update your video drivers. More info:[Japanese Language]こんにちは。Them&Usは早期アクセスをする運びとなりました。フィードバックをお送り頂いたり、洗練された没入的なゲーム体験を実現するために私達と一緒に取り組む事が出来たりします。無料のデモはもうご利用頂けません。私達は新しいコンテンツをできるだけ早く更新するつもりです。今のところ、ゲームや開発者をサポートする気が無い場合は、参加または購入する必要はありません。御一読頂き、御理解頂きありがとうございます!For now this is just a small update:1. You can now equip 4 weapons and add them as shortcuts 1,2,3,4 keyboard or up, down, left, right using controller. Just go inside inventory select weapon and set the shortcut.2. We improved a bit the interface system, asking the player if wants to save/load the game or not, exit from game etc. In our next update we will improve all the interface graphics and replace the whole simple interface as it is now.3. We improved the loading time of save slots checkpoints.. Exclusive Access / KEYS?: We are working on the updates to release very shortly.Since we are small team and not a large studio, buying the game in Early Access will help this game development very much.For this we want to show our appreciation and show that we actually show dedication for this game by giving you exclusive access to our development community on discord.Where we will show you features that we currently working on for the next updates, lots of media and more. You can also send all your suggestions and feedback to us directly and stay in talk will all people that supported us.We may even do something special for you once we launch the final game showing worldwide how much your support meant for us!Requirements to join [only for people that wants]:1. English2. Discord Channel > Join > Please send us an email to a. With the Subject [Exclusive Access].b. Attaching your game purchased coupon from steam for our team to check.example:=======================================Game Name / Account Name / Invoice Number /DateWe don't need anything else. Thanks!=======================================Please do not attach any archive, we will not download.4. Your steam profile "Games" needs to be visible and not private, for us to check if the data match with your game purchase.And lastly please send us your username your using on discord.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KEYS?-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All emails requesting keys are deleted! We received hundred of emails from people requesting keys. Even if you are a legit press & media like IGN, asking for a single key, we are not interested for you reviewing our game in this state it is now, so please do not contact us about this.We simply ask you to download the alpha demo or buy the early access. Thank you!Demo is no longer available, thank you everyone that played & tested! We are happy to know you enjoy it.Best Regards,TendoGames. Them & Us 0.3.0 Updates: We made a few game updates based on the feedback we received so far.1. The enemies now are smarter and can feel/smell your presence if you go near them. 2. Since action takes place in 80's we updated the "handgun and clip" model, HUD icons, to an older weapon model (that was made in the late 70's). The A3 we had was too new for the era in which the game takes place.3. In Over The Shoulder we made "them" a bit more stronger to balance the Fixed camera mode difficulty.4. Now all items left on floor are easier to identify thanks to the blinking effect.5. Main hall door has been updated, so it is much easier to know which items goes where.6. Some of the fixed/dynamic cameras angles have been updated.7. The enemy dog now reacts if it takes damage.8. We added an autosave at the end of 0.3.0 update, so you guys can continue from there once we release the new build that will continue the story.Update May 11,1. We updated all levels bloom effect to fix a small problem we noticed (a small green spot at the bottom and right corners of screen). Only some of the people had it when playing in window mode or different resolution but we fixed it now. Update May 14,1. We remade the player death video since we noticed some people have a small green error. We fixed this problem. 2. We added custom key binds as requested. Now you can setup your keys to play as you want. Please see this forum: Update May 16,Since some video cards don`t show real video memory, some people may experience crashes with big areas since game engine will think memory is not enough, so we are setting the game from 32bits to 64bits.If you have any problems please be sure to verify the integrity files of the game: can still run the game on 32bit windows. The exe is located in:[YourSteamFolder]\steamapps\common\Them & Us\Binaries\Win32\UDK.exe Update May 17,1. Aim Down - Aim Up custom keys for keyboard can now be used for aiming as well. (for all old school people that don't use mouse in fixed camera mode)2. Starting new game again you can now skip the intro areas until the wake point. We will add later New Game + for this.3. We made zombies less aggressive as requested, if you manage to dodge there attack you can run past them since they wont jump on you again for a short time.4. Knife description updated. We hope it makes it more easy to some players that still prefers silly game mechanics such as shoot rocket launcher on doors without scratching them.Update May 18,1. We updated the camera in OTS mode, when looking up. camera don't go that down anymore. Some people have motion sickness the way it was before. Now is fixed.2. We fixed some small collisions.Update May 24,1. We changed the Main Hall layout. 2. We updated the knife, and added 2 new animations.3. We updated the zombies AI adding a few new animations, now if they grab you Alicia can also push them to the ground, for an easy knife hit or run past fast.4. We improved the Over The Shoulder adding a RADAR for all items and checks. This will make it more easy for all people that had a hard time seeing the items in-game.5. One of the hard puzzles that requires an item trigger first have been updated with more content. Update May 26,Bandages skin changed.Crystal model changed.Symbol skin change when affected by crystal.Glass case now brakes as well, not just the glass.Speed turn increased.. Them & Us Demo [2018, 25 August]: Hi,Them & US demo is going to go live on 2018, 25 August.We hope you will enjoy this old school retro style horror game that our team created.As well we hope you will be with us in every step of our development process. Best Regards,TendoGames. Update 0.3.0 - Now Available: Game Progress: auditions and language localization (Japanese, Chinese, German, other) will be added to the game at a later date.Thank you all for the wait, 0.3.0 update is now live!We apologize for the delay, but we put a lot of work into adding several new features and enhancing the gameplay experience overall. What we released so far in previous releases was more of a build showcasing what our team can do, encouraged by your support. Despite everything, we are happy to know the game still had a positive review.We know we should have not released the game in that current state, but without your help and support this project could have not existed.This game has been completely reworked from the ground up since our last build, 0.2.0. We hope that now you can enjoy the improved game and story experience, and come back craving more. Updates:1. You can now play from the beginning of chapter 1, following Alicia’s journey from the beginning.2. We included both Over The Shoulder and Fixed Camera Angles as we mentioned in the Steam Greenlight, as well an Easter egg that will take you back to your childhood with retro 90’s gameplay. This Easter egg can be activated or deactivated at any time by visiting the old TV inside one of the rooms. Warning: For a more immersive game experience we suggest everyone play in the Fixed Camera Mode First! 3. New game mechanics such as, in fixed camera mode, Alicia can turn her head and look directly at objects. There are also blinking items for important notifications, with a disabled autosave feature. In over the shoulder, buttons appear on screen. Life is displayed in the HUD, autosave is enabled, and so on.4. We changed and improved all the enemy’s behaviors, movements, and animations to make combat more intense. We added also some new enemies.Warning: The game mechanics and AI have been built to work well with fixed camera mode. Enemy may look week on normal in OTS mode for some people, but are extremely deadly on Professional mode. 5. We added cinematics, including an opening intro and in-game cameras. 6. We added a whole new area with many rooms to explore. This alone took a few months of level design. 7. We added several new puzzles, and some unique elements that perhaps you’ve never seen before, only works on steam. 8. Inventory and HUD has been completely redesigned.9. We had to remove the cemetery map since the action takes place later on in the game. However, we will still include this part in next update.10. There are several new animations.11. We added over 15 new tracks of music and ambiance.12. New achievement13. Last but not least we added 2 new writers to our team, and we are currently auditioning voice over talent as well. With enough support we will look into game localization next, translating the game in different languages.Please note that the current 0.3.0 release will be more polished, updating everything we think still needs more work. You might be wondering why we didn’t include a map of the place… That is because we are still working on it. We will also be diligently reviewing your comments regarding gameplay and ways to improve the game further, as we want to provide the best product possible for our players.Thank you for your patience and continued support, and have fun. We hope we have made it worth the wait. Feedback is encouraged and appreciated!DISCOUNT NOTICE: Because we worked so hard on this update, we want to encourage more players to try out our new and improved game, and thus will be offering a special 25% off steam sale for the next two weeks. Discount will be available on: April, 25 2019 at 10AM (Los Angeles Time Zone). This is a limited time sale, so get your discounted copy of THEM & US now, before we will have to raise the price!

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